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A Little Bit About Jane's Take

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I am passionate about all things film related. I binge on series daily, and I love spending my weekends watching movies, whether it's something new or something I've seen a hundred times before.

I thought that I might as well turn it into something more, and Jane's Take was born. My reviews aren't anything fancy, just my honest thoughts about movies and series. Maybe once in a while there will be some "industry jargon", but for the most part, I want my reviews to be relatable to everyone.

Another thing I love is design, which is why I created a template that makes my page look uniform and pretty. I didn't want to just have movie posters, which, let's face it, can make a feed look messy. I want my feed to look pleasing to the eye, as well as being informative.

I have created this blog with slightly more in-depth reviews in mind, while keeping my Instagram page as short, bite-sized reviews. If anyone is like me, I don't like reading for very long on Instagram - I like to see a pretty picture, and a small piece of information. I know if I want to look more in-depth into something, I'll google it and find a blog or article.

Anyway, I hope you join me on this journey and that we can create a community that enjoys discussions about all things cinema.

Like my page, follow me, engage with me. I'd love to know if you've watched something because of my reviews!

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